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What to Consider Before Getting Warehouse Steps

When you work in an industrial work space, there are many types of equipment that can benefit you. Warehouse steps are usually an essential for many but the difficulty comes in trying to decide which will be right for you. Some warehouses may only need a specific type of step, whereas others will benefit from multiple, here’s some things to consider to help you decide;

Types of Warehouse Steps, Ladders and Platforms

Warehouse steps” is a pretty broad term when you consider just how many types of them are out there. Each can serve a different purpose and some may benefit certain types of warehouse compared to others. Just some of the many types include;

·        Fibreglass step ladders

·        Kick step stools

·        Ladders

·        Mobile safety steps

·        Warehouse platform steps

·        Safety steps

·        Step ladders

·        Work platforms

Benefits of Warehouse Steps

Depending on your industry and the purpose of your warehouse, warehouse steps can have many benefits;

Range of Sizes

The size of warehouse steps can differ in width, length and height

Range of Styles and Features

As well as a range of sizes, warehouse steps also come in a range of styles and can have different features. As you can see above, there are many different types of steps for a warehouse, not all of them are going to be designed the same, look the same or have the same purpose. Some features include;

·        Platforms

·        Safety rails

·        Wheels

·        Double sided steps


Most types of steps for a warehouse will be lightweight but still extremely durable. This makes them easy to move around and fit whatever purpose you may need.

More Practical

Having static stairs in a warehouse can be highly impractical as the need and use for warehouse steps can change from day to day. Being able to move these steps will work out more practical and could actually save money, when you consider how much it would cost to install stairs everywhere you needed them. Even then it would still be pretty inconvenient.

Warehouse Steps Are Sturdy

Warehouse steps are made to be sturdy, this is a requirement and should not be overlooked. You should check the quality before opting for steps, especially if they are second hand!


Health and safety needs to be a top priority for any industrial setting. There are so many accidents to be had and things that can go wrong, so it is essential to ensure that everything is designed and planned with safety in mind. As mentioned previously, warehouse steps can come with safety rails and this is highly recommended for steps that have some height to them. Even the lower ones can have rails and platforms for safety, so it’s important to consider what you will be using them for. For example, if you will be working high up and using tools, then a platform and safety rails would be ideal. If you need to load and unload boxes or equipment onto high up shelves, then you may benefit from a taller set of steps with hand rails. 

industrialinfo • 2019 May 01

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